Book: God’s Gift to Women: Discovering the Lost Greatness of Masculinity

Posted on September 26, 2010



God’s Gift to Women: Discovering the Lost Greatness of Masculinity
Author: Eric Ludy (2003)
jusco’s Rating: ★★

I was disappointed by this book by Eric Ludy. Don’t get me wrong. I think he has a lot of good things to say and his more well-known book, When God Writes Your Love Story, co-written with his wife Leslie Ludy, is one of the best Christian books about relationships around, right up there with Joshua Harris’ I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship (if you haven’t checked those 3 books just mentioned, do it now). But in God’s Gift to Women, what Eric regrettably does is reduce the important message into a very generalised book, at times coming off as much too cheesy and corny.

His theme, or lesson, is undeniably important and needs to be communicated to the many (sadly) worldly-shaped guys who take advantage of girls and engross themselves in sinful thoughts. Lost in their materialistic world, there are a multitude of such guys, and the saddest part is the fact that many of them consider themselves “Christians”; that may be true on the outside, but on the inside is a corrupt, rotting core that would make anyone sick to the stomach.

But he emphasises that we can actually become great guys (Christ-like) that girls actually respect, admire and like. Thus, if bred correctly, we (“guys”) can actually be gifts to the opposite sex. It might take a while, and with considerable effort, but ultimately it’s what we should all strive for, to be the “prince charming” and the “perfect guy”.
It’s an important message, but one I’ve heard before. For those who are going, “Huh, aren’t we guys supposed to just drink and sleep with girls and have fun in life?” then pick up this book: it’ll probably be a real eye-opener to you. However, it’s not a life-changing book, but rather an introductory book for those who have no clue regarding why the girls are all disgusted with you in the first place (Answer: you have to become a guy after God’s own heart first, that’s the key). He does give a few stories, both good and bad examples of guys, but other than that, it’s another Christian book that blends in with the rest by giving inexplicit Christian answers.


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