Book: The Lost Symbol

Posted on November 13, 2010


The Lost Symbol
Author: Dan Brown (2009)
jusco’s Rating: ★

Oh, Dan Brown, you have written such a mediocre book. Another novel featuring Robert Langdon and his outrageous adventures, it fails to meet everyone’s expectations after The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons (both of which I enjoyed). I won’t even touch on the plot; if you’re curious, go read it, though I’d strongly recommend you don’t.

All the trademarks of Dan Brown are apparent but this time in worse fashion than before. Plenty of times it is so tedious to read especially when he shows off his knowledge of history, symbols and religion (who knows if it’s credible?), ranting on for pages and pages through over-lengthened passages. Extremely redundant, full of loopholes and extremely poor writing.

Unnecessary descriptions of everything results in the lack of flow, especially the dialogue. Is it really necessary to write and describe every single minor action a character makes before he or she says something? Can you just let the characters speak without interjecting every time with a “Robert shifted his feet and looked sheepishly at his feet before muttering,” or “An evil smirk appeared on her face as she replied,” (I made those up, but you’ll find similar ones, trust me)? The Lost Symbol reads like an amateurish, flat screenplay. The second half decidedly improved from the first but not by a whole lot. There were some thrilling parts, but very rarely. Dan Brown has written both hit and miss books. This is a miss.

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