Film: ルパン三世 カリオストロの城 (Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro)

Posted on December 4, 2010


ルパン三世 カリオストロの城 (Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro)
Directed by 宮崎駿 (Hayao Miyazaki) (1979)
jusco’s Rating: ★★★★

I have so much respect for Hayao Miyazaki. Even from his directorial debut feature film, he showcases his ingenuity and demonstrates to the world just why he is, hands down, one of the greatest filmmakers in history. The Castle of Cagliostro follows Lupin the Third’s adventures, this time attempting to save a beautiful princess from an evil king. Lupin is extremely iconic in Japan, and it was through this film that his fame spread worldwide. Termed as ‘the world’s greatest thief’, he is accompanied by the gun master Jigen and sword wielding Goemon.

(Lupin and his faithful sidekick, Jigen)

For those looking for a highly realistic anime, you won’t find it here. But then again, you won’t be able to criticise it for being, at times, fake because it just wholly adds to the entertainment. There’s plenty of thrill and excitement to be found, from car chases to gun fights to sword duelling atop clock towers (I wonder if Shanghai Knights was inspired by the clock tower scene?). Don’t forget the humour; Lupin’s eccentric comedy is genuinely laughable. An interesting thing to note is though Lupin is infamous for being a playboy (especially in the manga), he is portrayed more gentlemen-like in this film.

(Lupin showing a softer side towards the princess, Clarisse)

This film is quirky and just pure fun to watch. I don’t even have to mention how beautiful the animation is, a major accomplishment for a film made in the 70s. Funny, exciting, it is a great adventure film for both children and adults alike.

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