Music: Christmas Lights

Posted on December 10, 2010


Christmas Lights
Artist: Coldplay (2010)
jusco’s Rating: ★★★★

Coldplay have done it again. They have created a true classic that fits perfectly into this year’s festive season, as well as the years to come. Christmas Lights begins with a catchy piano riff, as to be expected of Coldplay, and Chris Martin‘s haunting vocals in the lower register forms a hushed, meditative mood. Fans might be thrown off for a bit by the unexpected beginning; it is certainly not your typical Coldplay start. Yet you sense a hint of reflective sadness; ah, there it is – “But I can’t believe she’s gone.” The genius about Chris is the way he is able to convey emotions through both his lyrics and voice. He then proceeds to sing one of my favourite lines in the entire song: “When you’re still waiting for the snow to fall, doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all.” After this line, the song begins to build, the other instruments joining in, and you know you’re in for a treat. Switching into a higher register over a steady beat, he is more hopeful and expresses it radiantly: “But I’m up here holding on to all those chandeliers of hope.” After this particular verse, the band quietens down again and repeats the line “When you’re still…” twice before a short pause; then comes the explosive and grand second half. It is a glorious anthem in an irresistible 3/4 beat: “Those Christmas lights, light up the street…” There is a brief interlude after the stanza is sung twice, dominated by all instruments in full swing including violins; rather reminiscent of Viva la Vida‘s interlude before the final chorus. The 3/4 stanza is sung one final time before ending the way it began, with Chris Martin’s quiet, soothing vocals and the piano reverberating in the background. This is a song you can listen to endlessly and sing with your friends. You won’t be able to resist singing along, even bellowing in your loudest voice. What better start to a marvelous Christmas season than a brilliant Coldplay song?

May all your troubles soon be gone, oh Christmas lights, keep shining on.

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