Film: Music and Lyrics

Posted on January 23, 2011


Music and Lyrics
Directed by Marc Lawrence (2007)
jusco’s Rating: ★

Music and Lyrics flops in its desperate attempt to charm us. It tries hard, but at the crucial moments it always falls short of reaching the mark. We’re left dry and wanting something more, and are further disappointed when we don’t get that mushy, feel-good emotion that is an essential element for romcoms. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore are both extremely talented, but the chemistry between the two is nonexistent in this film. Grant plays Alex Fletcher, a fading and outdated ex-British pop band member (a fictional band called PoP!) who asks Sophie Fisher (played by Barrymore), the girl in charge of watering his plants, to help write lyrics for a new song to be sung by Cora, the most current and popular teen star and idol, who also happens to be into Buddhism and skimpy dancing.

(Barrymore as ‘Sophie’ coming up with ideas for the once great ‘Alex Fletcher’ played by Grant)

This is Alex Fletcher’s chance to take the world by storm once again but he’s counting on Sophie’s natural talent to provide the words. A romance blossoms between the two but this is plagued by individual problems, mostly with self-esteem; they’re both a bit full of themselves, which explains how they eventually fall for each other. They’re not likable characters and thus are not much fun to watch. Even Grant, who we all know is capable of that delightful charisma, seemed a bit lethargic in his role. The filmmakers attempted to make Barrymore’s character rounded and interesting, but unfortunately chose a wrong direction. By the end, we honestly don’t care one bit about the two. The only upside is the main song, ‘Way Back Into Love’, but Music and Lyrics simply fails to conjure up the successful romcom appeal.

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