Film: Run Lola Run

Posted on February 17, 2011


Run Lola Run
Directed by Tom Tykwer (1998)
jusco’s Rating: ★

Wow, no, sorry, Run Lola Run was not my cup of tea. Over-indulgent, trite, repetitive. Lola, a red-haired German chick, tries to save her boyfriend who lost 100,000 marks, within the time limit of 15 minutes. So she starts running, hence the title. Pretty much it’s just boring, unless you like wasting your time watching Lola run. You’d be better off watching Usain Bolt on YouTube; that’s much more exciting. And you know what’s worse? It repeats three times, with slight variations. Sure, there are a few animated sequences of Lola running and several flash-forwards of random people she bumps into on the street, but they’re unable to redeem the overall. Such a tedious film to watch! I don’t understand how it garnered all those awards and lavishing reviews. Like I said, not my cup of tea.

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