Being a rather avid film watcher, book reader and music listener, I was brilliantly inspired, out of the blue, to begin a blog of reviews. It is my utmost desire to share the love I have for the world of art and entertainment (not corrupt in its entirety; there still exists applaudable creativity, although with Will Smith’s 9-year-old daughter emerging as a pop star, I’m worried for our future).

This isn’t a conceited attempt to become a self-proclaimed critic, but I’d like to believe I have a better-than-average judgement regarding these three mediums of books, films, and music. However, I must admit my previous attempt at a critiquing blog 3 years ago gave a potentially hazardous 9/10 to Michael Bay’s Transformers, which at the time seemed plausible to a naïve 15-year-old boy, but is now just unthinkable – a 6/10 at the most.

All I want to do is share with you, my beloved reader, with what is good, and what is not so good, and what is so utterly horrific you should do everything in your power to stay away from. I will cover a wide variety of works, ranging from English classical literature to the latest Japanese manga (being bilingual has its perks), from the unknown indie band across the street to the latest billboard-topping hits, and the beautifully crafted films that portray the reflective conscience ingrained in our ever-hectic society, causing us to examine our own lost souls (Note: I refuse to and will never review, heaven-forbid, the spoof films by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer). I’ll stray away from spoilers as much as I can but if necessary, I’ll give a warning beforehand.

I will be adopting a 5-star rating system. I find Roger Ebert’s 4-star system a bit limiting, but also find the 10-star system much too broad. Obviously, I won’t be able to grade every book, film, or album using the same criteria, but all should be derived from two main aspects: the initial emotional impact (or the long-lasting) I felt, and the technical aspects of the crafting itself. I’ll be updating this blog weekly as I stumble upon various works, but once in a while I’ll also be rediscovering and reminiscing about past works that left a deep impression.

Ultimately, I just want you to get something out of this, whether it’s an introduction to something new for a curious reader, or even a bit of humour and dare I say, entertainment from this. I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts as well, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

In that case, enjoy.

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