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Film: I Love You Phillip Morris

January 23, 2011


I Love You Phillip Morris Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (2009) jusco’s Rating: ★★1/2 Jim Carrey is a great actor, though only at certain times (Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind). He is good in this one and it felt natural watching him play a likable gay guy. But watching Ewan McGregor as […]

Book: 劇画漂流 (A Drifting Life)

December 25, 2010


劇画漂流 (A Drifting Life) Author: 辰巳ヨシヒロ (Yoshihiro Tatsumi) (2008) jusco’s Rating: ★★1/2 Though this acclaimed manga was released in two volumes in Japan, I’ve decided to review it as one whole work. A Drifting Life first caught my attention when the English version was promoted at various bookstores. Upon discovering the praise and acclaim poured […]

Film: Greenberg

November 30, 2010


Greenberg Directed by Noah Baumbach (2010) jusco’s Rating: ★★1/2 Roger Greenberg is trying his best to keep calm and to stay under control. After all, it’s never easy stepping back into the flow of society after being locked up in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown. He does alright, but there are times when […]

Book: デュラララ!!(Durarara!!)

November 9, 2010


デュラララ!!(Durarara!!)Author: 成田良悟 (Ryohgo Narita) (2004)jusco’s Rating: ★★1/2 My first light novel was quite entertaining. Light novels are written to entertain and that was exactly what it was, a light and fun read. The story revolves around multiple characters in the streets of Ikebukuro, Japan (a place I’m more than familiar with). These include gang members, […]

Book: Amsterdam

September 28, 2010


Amsterdam Author: Ian McEwan (1998) jusco’s Rating: ★★1/2 Having only read one other book by Ian McEwan prior to this (Atonement: read my review of it here), I was unsure of what to expect from Amsterdam. I had chosen it as the next Ian McEwan novel to read, solely based on the fact that it […]