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Film: Les Misérables

February 8, 2013


  Les Misérables Directed by Tom Hooper (2012) jusco’s Rating: ★★★ “I dreamed a dream ♫” “On my own ♪” “Do you hear the people sing ♩♫♪” How many times in the past month have you heard someone bursting out in song with those particular lyrics? Once, or twice, or maybe even everyday? And if […]

Film: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

December 22, 2010


Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Directed by Guy Ritchie (1998) jusco’s Rating: ★★★ It’s like Snatch‘s twin brother (read my review here), which I guess is understandable considering it’s the same director. Guy Ritchie‘s first film is in typical fashion; bizarre, erratic, whimsical. Once again following several interlinking story arcs, it is a puzzling […]

Film: Snatch

December 22, 2010


Snatch Directed by Guy Ritchie (2000) jusco’s Rating: ★★★ Snatch is an eccentric, original film that combines both gangster and comedic elements to create a relatively successful and refreshing film (‘original’ is subjective; it’s supposedly too similar to Guy Ritchie‘s previous film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but then again I haven’t seen that […]

Book: 告白 (Confessions)

November 28, 2010


告白 (Confessions) Author: 湊かなえ (Kanae Minato) (2010) jusco’s Rating: ★★★ Confessions has consistently been one of the most talked about books in Japan this year. It has won numerous awards and boasts to be one of the best mystery thrillers ever written. Is it one of the best? No, but what newcomer Kanae Minato delivers […]

Book: Sense and Sensibility

November 23, 2010


Sense and Sensibility Author: Jane Austen (1811) jusco’s Rating: ★★★ I’d love to meet a girl like Elinor. Sort of my type of girl; in Japanese terms, the complete opposite of KY. I suppose that’s what the first half of the title alludes to – the ability of one to be able to sense, to […]

Book: あひるの空29 (Ahiru no Sora 29)

November 16, 2010


あひるの空29 (Ahiru no Sora 29) Author: 日向武史 (Takeshi Hinata) (2010) jusco’s Rating: ★★★ The reason for an average rating this time round despite あひるの空 (Ahiru no Sora) being one of my favourite manga series is because it is still currently in the transition period between their last basketball match and the next (Inter High competition); […]