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Film: An Education

March 9, 2011


An Education Directed by Lone Scherfig (2009) jusco’s Rating: ★★★★★ First, I’d like to apologise to my readers (if I have any in the first place) for my long hiatus. Simply put, I got rather lazy. I’ve been reading a lot, watching a lot, listening to a lot as always but instead of clearing them […]

Film: Keeping Mum

December 5, 2010


Keeping Mum Directed by Niall Johnson (2005) jusco’s Rating: ★★★1/2 It’s hard to find a bad British comedy film; somehow their blood is flowing with the necessary ingenuity to generate laughter. It was my second time watching the black comedy film Keeping Mum, yet I enjoyed it both times. It starts off with the condemnation […]

TV: Pride and Prejudice

November 25, 2010


Pride and Prejudice Directed by Simon Langton (1995) jusco’s Rating: ★★★★★ I’m on a P&P roll (read my review of the 2005 film here and the novel here)! Fully knowing that the 1995 television serial is universally considered as the ultimate and best adaptation of Jane Austen‘s classic romance story, I immediately ordered my copy […]

Film: Pride and Prejudice

November 25, 2010


Pride and Prejudice Directed by Joe Wright (2005) jusco’s Rating: ★★★★1/2 Pride and Prejudice, the novel’s latest adaptation by Joe Wright, is a delightfully charming film that surprisingly works well for its limited runtime of 129 minutes. I will not compare this film with the ever-faithful, ever-acclaimed 1995 television serial (read my review here), for […]

Film: Eastern Promises

November 17, 2010


Eastern PromisesDirected by David Cronenberg (2007)jusco’s Rating: ★★★★1/2 Eastern Promises is a solid, electrifying thriller from David Cronenberg, also known for his critically acclaimed A History of Violence. What he has brought to the table is an intense, gritty look into the inhumane nature of people, in this case, the Russian Mafia in London. Revolving […]

TV: Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season

November 9, 2010


Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season Created by Jeffrey Lieber, J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof (2010) jusco’s Rating: ★★★★★  I’m a bit behind in the fact that I wait for the DVDs to be released before I enjoy the season in its entirety. So although it’s been half a year since LOST officially ended, I […]

Film: Children of Men

September 25, 2010


Children of Men Directed by Alfonso Cuarón (2006) jusco’s Rating: ★★★★★ This is a powerful film. It is not a film to be watched lightly; in fact, you can consider it as disturbing as George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. The commonality between the three works? All portray a futuristic dystopian society […]